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 Test V6

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First Cop


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MessageSujet: Test V6   26.03.07 0:26

Je mets en lien un post de Galak qui fait le point sur les tests actuels pour la future V6.

On pourra noter que les Khemris vont gagner un passeur.

Citation :
1) Changed Khemri team:
0-16 Tomb Skeletons 5/3/2/7 Regeneration, Thick Skull 40k G/ASP
0-2 Thro-ras 6/3/2/7 Pass, Regeneration, Sure Hands 70k GP/AS
0-2 Blitz-ras 6/3/2/8 Block, Regeneration 90k GS/AP
0-4 Tomb Guardians 3/5/1/8 Break Tackle, Regeneration 100k S/GAP
Rerolls: 70k

2) Necromatic team gets 100k Flesh Golems and 60k Re-rolls.

3) Leap removed from skills a Ball & Chain player can use.

4) Master Chef for Fling teams goes to 50k

5) Bribes for Goblin teams and Underworld teams is set to 50k (all other teams still pay 100k)

6) Titchy skill add +1 to Landing roll.

7) Right Stuff skill changed to stop the Tackle from converting Pow! from Push to Pow.

Cool 0-1 Biased Referee Inducement (50k to purchase - natural 7s on foul injury rolls results in an ejection as well)

9) Get the Ref changed to each team gains 1 Bribe for the game.

10) Riot changed to 1-3: Lose 1 turn, 4-6: Gain 1 turn

11) Diving Catch changed to allow the player to catch bouncing balls as long as they did not bounce from their square (in addition to what it already does).

12) Slann, Chaos Pact, and Underworld team.
Rules for those teams can be found here: http://www.blood-bowl.net/MBBL/PBBL_Handbook_MBBLTest_BBRC.pdf (MBBL has been testing these teams since November of 2005 ... testing stats can be seen at http://www.blood-bowl.net/MBBL )

13) 15 new star players which will allow each team in BB to have exactly 6 star players (MBBL has tested these stars since July 2006) ( http://www.blood-bowl.net/MBBL/PBBL_Handbook_MBBLTest_BBRC.pdf )

source : http://www.specialist-games.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=11124
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MessageSujet: Re: Test V6   26.03.07 0:50

Que de changements effectivement !
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Test V6
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